Hello there, I am Sammelan, a computer engineering student from Nepal. Welcome to my blog.

Buried are the times when thy dreams nudged you
As the moments come and go, it takes you and makes new
Beyond time and light, there lies an eternal tenebrous hamlet of hope and love
I will meet you there..

Blog Posts

The Hungry Woman

1 minute read

The day when the hungry woman got served…. The world of fantasy is crumbling down. The faith is gone; the hopes have drowned to ultimate level of depth. The...

Nostalgia of the Ordinary

1 minute read

Undrunk wine behind the old rack in an abandoned bar Motionless spiderwebs in the aged broken house Song of chirping crickets in cold starry nights Romantic ...

The Time Story

less than 1 minute read

On the way to the Time-land The ugly truth sat behind the bars

Heat and Hope

less than 1 minute read

From the stream of hope, The fire was out for a run. So, take a dive into the cold sun For life is a ball of fire, Fire of hope Hope of life Lo! Once a...

Love Story

less than 1 minute read

This is another verse. This is Quantine+Timel : A famous hate story Quantine hates Timel. Timel hates Quantine. After some time there was understanding be...

Hopeless Optimist

less than 1 minute read

Once, there was an optimist who wanted to lose hopes. One day, he sat into the night sky staring at the infinite stars creating thousands of mesmerizing ima...